Detroit in the 1920’s, a picture of economic development and cultural expansion. An era of jazz music, flapper girls, industrialization, and prohibition. At this time the dark lords of Detroit gathered in the hallowed halls of their Elysium. A bloody war of attrition had finally reached its conclusion. In the wake of the last princes death factions battled for control of the throne, and they met tonight to crown the winner. Then there was nothing, no coronation, no Elysium, no vampires. It was as if all members of the city in attendance just walked into the fox theater, closed the doors behind them, and vanished. No diviner, or investor can find the answer. Now the undead elite of both Europe and America circle the now open city of Detroit, they send there childer, and assets to find answers and to claim the vacant throne for themselves to further there own dark schemes.

VTR online, the Jyhad

Osborn Imeetrav